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Product Name: Benefits of the Healer Onyx Stone,
7 pieces, luck elephants
Origin: Turkey
Material: Onxy
The largest elephant 1,5 inch (4 cm), the smallest 0,8 inch (2 cm)
Product Feature:
Its Mythologic Story: Cupid, the goddess of beauty, cut the nails of Venus, the love goddess, and leaves her in a desert. While waiting in the sands of desert, her nails which quite blackened, changes into this stone. The Turkish meaning of the Latin Word, onyx is the “nail”.
The Chakra With Which It is In Harmony: Root
The Spiritual Benefits of the Onyx Stone
It brings luck and abundance.
It gives courage.
It gives positive energy and has a positive effect on concentration.
It has a balancing impact in woman and man relationships.
It reduces the anxiety.
It is effective on the subject of evil eye, it protects against the negative energies.
It has a soothing feature.
As it is a natural stone, each product shall have different color tones and patterns.