Flower Embroidered Table Runner (DT-RUN-00027-008-50x130)

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Price : $21.82(Vat included)
Discounted : $14.53(Vat included)
Product Name: Table Runner
Origin: Turkey
Material: %100 naturel cotton
Size: 19x51 inch (50x130 cm)
Package Contents : 1 piece
Product Feature: The ornaments on the tableclothes with embroidery and motives, are the hand labour of the Anatolian Woman.
Product use instruction:
Wash in 40 degrees.
Do not use bleacher.
Do not dry it in drying machine.
Dry as hanging and airing.

The 95% of our product range are the hand labor of aunts Ayşe, Fatma, the girls named such as Zeynep and so on as well as the uncles of Ahmet, Mehmet. We owe to get these products reach to you as designing them with modern lines without spoiling its original form from every corner of the Anatolia.
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