Hand Made Leather Shoe 13 (AC-EDA-00015-021-41)

Price : $72.71(Vat included)
Product Name: Hand Made Leather Shoes
Origin: Turkey
Material: %100 Leather
Product Feature:
The history of the hand-made shoes, referred differently in Anatolia such as the yemeni, carik, edik extends up to the Middle Asia. Chemical substances are not used in any stage of the Hand-Made Leather Shoes manufacturing. The dyes are made with madders obtained from nature. In none of its parts, petroleum and its derivative substances are used.
Processing of Leather
Included in the bottom sole of the shoes, all parts are leather. They are made by using 5 types of animal leather (mandate, water buffalo, calf, sheep, goat) In leather production, completely natural substances are used. The leave of the valonia oak tree remove the hair on the leather. The leaves and the branches of the sumach tree (sour tree) are pulverized and emptied to the pool which is full of water. The leathers are soaked in this pool and by this way, the essence inside the leather is softened. Afterwards the leather, taken out from the water, is oiled with natural oils.
The laces of the shoes are pure cotton and they are made resistant against the rotting by waxing with beeswax. The sewing of the shoes are made by hand. The adhesive clay and paste are obtained from the mixture of the tree root.

Its importance in terms of health
As it has a structure with real leather pores, it gives the sweat out and does not make any smell.
It prevents fungus, callus and diaper rashes between the fingers.
The clay between the lower and upper soles, comforts as providing the static grounding of the electricity in the body.

Product use instruction:
For to polish, use a soft polisher sponge of good quality. For cleaning, use a wet soft cloth. Never use substances such as the wet towel, cologne etc.