Towel Set in Basket (BT-SPH-00012)

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Price : $34.90
Discounted : $24.90
Vat included : $24.90
Product Name: Towel Set in Basket
Origin: Turkey
Material: %100 cotton
Package Contents :
1 piece, Towel Basket
2 piece, 12x19 inch (30x50 cm) Hand Towel
Product Feature: Our products are prepared with the local fabric and 100% printed fabric combination. Towels are 100% cotton. The borders of the towels are 100% cotton printed fabric.
This towel basket will serve as the focal center piece of any bedroom, closet, restroom, laundry room, kitchen.
Product use instruction:
Wash in 40 degrees.
Do not use bleacher.
Do not dry it in drying machine.
Dry as hanging and airing.