Black Hand-Loom Weaving Face & Hand Towel Set N (BT-DHV-00016)

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Hand Woven
Product Name: (Karatezgah) Black Hand-Loom Weaving Face & Hand Towel Set
Origin: Turkey
Material: %100 naturel cotton
Package Contents :
1 piece, 19,6x 35,4 inç (50x90 cm) face towel
1 piece, 11,8x19,6 inç (50x30 cm) hand towel
Product Feature: It was woven in centuries-old (Karatezgah) Black-Loom.
The karatezgah (black loom) weaving is unfortunately have fallen into oblivion in recent years.
The towels, woven in compliance with the modern methods, start to stiffen after a while however, the towels, woven in (karatezgah) blacklooms, shall always remain soft.
In their natural colors, dye and chemical treatment are not used and they are woven with the Aegean cotton yarn with long fiber in its most natural state.
As it does not subjected to chemical treatment for increasing its water absorption, its water absorption increases after washing 3-4 times and they absorb more water compared to the towels, woven in compliance with modern methods.
Product use instruction:
Wash in 40 degrees.
Do not use bleacher.
Do not dry it in drying machine.
Dry as hanging and airing.

Close your eyes and feel the black-loom (karatezgah) hand woven towels and feel the natural, intimate and soft touch of Anatolia.
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