Saray Silk Hand Woven Coffe Tablecloth (DT-KRO-00009-022-95x95 CM)

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Product Name: Silk Hand Woven Coffe Tablecloth
Size: 37,40 x 37,40 inç (95x95 cm)
Origin: Turkey
Package Contents: 1 piece
Material: %100 Herbal Silk
Herbal silk poplar, willow etc. produced from fibers of cellulose-rich trees. No damage to life is produced during the production of vegetable silk
Product Feature: In the hand weaving looms, they are woven with the labour of the Anatolian man.
A product is woven as changing hundreds of shuttles in compliance with the color and pattern of each product.
In a day, only one or two products may be woven according to the size of the product.
Because in the classical hand looms, it is woven completely by body motions.
By nature of the hand woven, none of the products is exactly the same, there may be tiny differences from the pattern and color of the one that is in the visual.
You can watch how the hand woven products are woven, from the videos in the category.
Product use instruction: Protect the hand woven products from the direct sunlight as madders are used.
Make only dry cleaning.

Indeed each product is the story of a labour. If you want to not to possess a product but also a labor story or to present a gift, the hand woven products are just for you.
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